Corporate Social Responsibility


UntitledLocated about 899 km south of Cairo, Aswan is a serene Nile Valley destination where the Nile is more majestic than anywhere else, flowing through granite rocks, and round emerald islands covered in palm groves and tropical plants. It is considered as an all-time favorite winter destination.
Aswan’s world-wide fame come from its history and its location placing it as “Egypt’s Southern Gate”. It is home to innumerable monuments of different eras where there are temples (from south to north) in Abu Simbel, Kalabsha, Philae, Kom Ombo and Edfu. This is in addition to the Nubian museum, the unfinished obelisk and the rock temples on the shore of Lake Nasser.
On the other hand, there are also the modern world-renowned and the most important “high dam” and “the island of botanical garden” with its preserved collection tropical plants.

2. General Statistics/Information

Capital: Aswan Crude Birth Rate (per 1000 population): 19.9 (2007)
Languages: Egyptian Arabic (68%), Sa’idi Arabic (29%), Bedouin Arabic (1.6%), Sudanese Arabic (0.6%), Domari (0.3%), Nobiin (0.3%), Bedawi (0.1%), Siwi and other Crude Death Rate (per 1000 population): (2007)
Governor: Magdy Fouad Hegazy Gross Enrollment Ratio, Primary (%): 90.3 (2007)
Area, sq. km: 62726 (2014) Gross Enrollment Ratio, Secondary (%): 79.3 (2007)
Population (thousand persons): 1,425,738 (2014) Labor Force, % of Population (15+): 30.8 (2007)
Population Density, people per sq. km:40.3 (2014) Unemployment Rate (%): 18.7 (2014)
Sex Ratio (males per 100 females): 101 (2014) Proportion of households below lower poverty line (%): 18.6(1999)
Number of Households: 33 (2014) Proportion of households below $1 (PPP) per day (%): 6.2 (1991)


  • Since 2011, the Egyptian Chemical & Fertilizers Industries “KIMA” has planned and taken action to inaugurate its new Fertilizers Complex project within the existing industrial area in Aswan. Progress has been hindered by the Egyptian revolution, but with current stability the project is undergoing. The complex planned production capacity is: 1,200 ton/day ammonia; 1,575 ton/day urea melt; 1,575 ton/day urea granulation
  • bcxThe governorate of Aswan recently announced plans to set up 39 solar power projects with a total cost of $3 billion, which will be set up as per the rules and regulations already stated by the government, and will be spread over an area of 8,843 acres west of the Nile River. Of those, Scatec Solar has been announced to sign agreements for 250 MW of Solar.

3. Maximize Aswan Economic Involvement

GAMA shares the Client’s desire to maximize the involvement of the Aswan local economy in the construction process in an effort to promote stability and elevate standards in the social community in Aswan.  GAMA’s commitment to customer satisfaction and giving back to the community is reflected in its study and intended investment in local people.

We realize that there are many advantages inherent in hiring locals, such as benefiting from the local’s knowledge of new resources for obtaining supplies, promoting community good will and decreasing the level of threat against the project, deliveries and work crews.

GAMA has already performed the effort of study of local conditions and resources in Aswan. We studied the work environment, and searched for additional resources to fulfill foreseen needs, in spite of GAMA’s ability to externally resource completely for the project.

We addressed two parties, first the Industrial Education Directorate (for study of unskilled labor) then the Aswan University (for study of skilled labor). Please find below letters to both entities (Figure 1. Letter to Industrial Education Directorate;  Figure 2. Letter to Aswan University)

Figure 1. Letter to Industrial Education Directorate

Figure 2. Letter to Aswan University

1. Aswan

Unskilled Labor:

GAMA is aware that a major challenge in our field is to enhance and fill skills gaps in some sectors like “Welding, fabricating and erection works”. Thus, GAMA has proceeded to make arrangements with Industrial Schools in Aswan to issue a “Cooperation Protocol” to train the students -especially Grade 3 and 5- and graduate workers.

GAMA has made the effort of sourcing proposed locations for training, and consequently made arrangements for training at the local school – Mohamed Saleh Harb School. According to the visit, it is estimated that an approximate amount of EGP 200 K shall be required to elevate the facility to training environment standards. Estimated costs shall go to Painting, Chairs provision, Equipment provision, Materials, Supervision, students’ rewards, etc.

Following are photos of scouted location:


It remains to be said that GAMA is taking precautions in case the school workshop is initially unable to provide sufficiently to satisfy Training Quality Standards. In such case, GAMA has made secondary arrangements to use the Buildings of the Ministry of Environment as training location. Building Area = 840 M, and the estimated cost is approximately EGP 250 K inclusive of the same foreseen requirements of painting, chairs, etc.

Skilled Labor (Engineers):

GAMA believes in the great feasibility of acquiring graduates from the Aswan University database, whether fresh or experienced, according to the recruitment process and equal opportunity law, to resource for positions on the project.

Since GAMA has Management employees with post-graduate degrees, and has international Training workshops, it was imperative that we agree with Aswan University to train the students for the following topics:

  1. Technical onsite Training (Technical Office and Construction Supervision)
  2. Interpersonal Skills like (Time Management, Presentation, Communication and Problem Solving)
  • Business Computer Skills (Excel, Word and Power Point)
  1. Safety and HSE Induction
  2. Basics in Project Management
  3. QC & QA Induction

For training location, GAMA has made arrangements with the Egyptian Teachers Syndicate to rent their Convention Hall for Training. Estimated costs are approximately EGP 50 K inclusive of rent of the Convention Hall, Purchasing Required Equipment, Materials, Accommodation and Travel Expenses for our Experts.

Following are photos of the Convention Hall:


4.Service to the Community

We at Gama for Trading and Contracting believe in the power of the workforce as they are the most important and valuable Assets in any company.

Moreover, we believe ultimately in the concept of giving back to the community, whether in its simplest form of charity or the more complicated provision of community service.


GAMA shares the Client’s desire to maximize the involvement of the Aswan local economy in the construction process in an effort to promote stability and elevate standards on the social level in Aswan.  GAMA’s commitment to customer satisfaction and giving back to the community is reflected in its study and intended investment in local people.

We believe in the youth. Hence, we are working in directions to create and build an environment that would allow employees to work for a company for life; and on the other hand, train the students (youth) to be our future leaders through a Summer Internship Program.

To-date, GAMA has provided a total of 25 students with internship and professional opportunities through on-the-job training in several engineering sectors (Civil, Electrical and Mechanical). Figures 3 and 4 below are sample forms of a Trainee certificate and a training evaluation sheet issued.

Figure 3. Internship Certificate Letter


Figure 4. Internship Evaluation Form


Under the concept of giving back to the community, GAMA believes that a great impact can be made on others’ lives, through simple considerate actions. This concept provides a rewarding sense of pride and makes the world better place to live in.

GAMA has a longstanding commitment to building strong, healthy, safe communities. We believe that commitment starts with our sense of responsibility towards society.

GAMA has:

  • hired last year 19 employee of the unemployed physically challenged
  • hired Fresh Graduates in many fields and sectors
  • initiated an occasional “donations by employees” movement which allows employees to approve salary cuts that would go to a charity voted for by employees; the last of which was an amount towards marrying orphaned girls in Southern Egypt
  • contributed an amount of EGP 50,000 for distribution of Food to poor Families, in association with “Misr El-Kher” Foundation


Aswan Specific:

5v1db6In an attempt to give to the community in Aswan, GAMA has promised to:

  • Renovate the Football Playground for the Banban Village Youth Club, as per agreement with the Village Mayor. A budget of EGP 50,000 is allocated for infrastructure work
  • Renovate the Health Unit in Banban Village and distribute some Medical Analysis Devices, 2 beds and 1 Oxygen Tube with total cost of EGP 50,000

Banban Hospital and Health Unit


  • Provide 4 Ton Truck to transfer the Village Waste from the Village to the main Garbage Dumps in Aswan. Estimated Cost is approximately EGP 250,000 EGP
  • Donate to poor families an amount of 15,000 EGP/ Month, in agreement with Charity of Social Affairs. Donations shall be in form of Clothes/ Money/ Food
  • Renovate, upgrade and refurbish facilities that GAMA is of intention of using as training facilities, as previously stated, to meet standard training obligations