Vision & Mission

OUR Vision

To be one of the top 5 contractors  in Egypt within the coming 5 years with a regional presence; and become an efficient general contractor to earn the privilege of being ‘contractor of choice’.



Use value engineering, effective construction practice and hard work to deliver highest quality construction while preserving the environment


Strive to meet and exceed Client expectations to foster long term partnership


Create an enjoyable and safe work environment to allow personnel personal fulfillment that leads to loyal and productive workforce

Suppliers and Sub-Contractors

Treat sub-contractors / suppliers with respect to cultivate a team approach where experience is applied with dedicated enthusiasm

Our Values

Be a Good Member of the Community

Being a construction contractor and operator of industrial, commercial and infrastructure facilities at home and abroad, Gama’s mission dictates that it must be involved in, and continuously increase its contribution to, the communities where it works. Management of social impact includes the process of identifying, monitoring and managing the intended and unintended social consequences of a project. Its aim is to bring about a more sustainable and equitable environment.

Appreciate its People

Gama adopts, in all its offices and construction sites, the most up-to-date labor policies and working conditions, enabling its employees to achieve the company’s objectives in a safe, healthy and comfortable environment. It is Gama’s unwavering belief that its highly skilled staff and workforce is one of its most significant competitive advantages. Also recognizing that training is an essential element in improving the performance of individuals, which also translates into producing a successful project that both Gama and its clients can be proud of.

Pursue Excellence

While using the latest in engineering and management sciences always ensures the highest quality, Gama’s standards are also based on best-in-class international practices. Gama’s in-house systems, hold quality to a high standard, include its own Quality Management System ISO 9001:2006, ISO 14001:2004 and Occupational Health and Safety System OHSAS 18001:2009.

Attempt Innovation

Every engineering-related detail in both delivered and ongoing projects is constantly challenged, re-examined and considered for deployment of new and innovative technology.


Continuous improvement initiatives to enhance existing technologies and develop rapid means of mobilization, project delivery and execution.

Maintain Safety

At Gama, the “Zero-Accidents” target is both a standard and a policy that we hold ourselves accountable and responsible for.